20160601_193234A to E. They’re all the same. It still flusters me how a letter can make or break you. Teachers state, “Good grades = good collage. You NEED to get a A”. The stress formed from attempting to do the best can cause the best to go crazy. Staying up all night trying to study for a test you have tomorrow. Or crying over how you don’t understand anything. Sitting inside all day working on a project you barley have time for. How ink on a page defines the person as a whole. Society is going deaf to the needs of students.  Do they not comprehend the problems at school? When kids get stressed they can turn to drugs, smoking, drinking, etc. Without a grading system kids might actually enjoy the being of school. All that matters is that they understand it all at the end, right? Are whole life we’ve been graded. Starting in kindergarten with 1’s, 2’s, and 3’s. Then in changed into grading with letters. Are whole life is graded, judged. A single letter decides what we do in life, how we do it, and basically how we live. But I’m not going to let some letter define me. I may have gotten straight A’s but that means nothing to me. I’n my heart I believe everyone deserves A’s. A letter wont change how I think of anyone. It might matter to the state, to the country, to me, its still just a letter, sitting on a page.